Banner Information Feeding Canvas

Official academic course sites are created in Canvas automatically based on the course offerings and registration enrollments managed by the student information system (SIS), Banner. 

A non-exhaustive list of data managed and automatically populated in Canvas through Banner:

Banner Data What Gets Pushed into Canvas @ Yale
Course Data Course Name
Course Section Number
Course Code
Cross-Listing Information (Primary / Secondary Course)
User Data Student Preferred Name
Instructor Preferred Name
Enrollment Data Course Role (Auditor / Visitor / Student / Instructor)

Official enrollments (Instructors / Students / Auditors) are all managed by the registration system and can only be modified by a school / departmental registrar in Banner.

banner feed illustration

Banner Feed illustration

Banner / Canvas Support

Changes in Banner can have major impacts on downstream systems like Canvas. Learn more about common issues / situations that registrars may encounter.

Troubleshooting Banner-Canvas Issues

Academic Canvas Course Site Creation Workflow

Academic Canvas courses are created through a process that starts with the registrars, and flows down stream to Canvas where the sites are created in the appropriate sub-accounts for each department / school.

The following steps outline the general order of operations for academic Canvas course sites to be created.

Registrars enter all / most of their school’s / department’s course data into their course offering system. Once courses are entered, if possible, assign the official instructor(s) of record as well.

Reach out to other department registrars, your school’s academic support team, or the University Registrar’s Office ( for assistance.

If your school does not utilize Yale Course Search it is recommended that you check Banner directly to confirm that the courses and instructors are entered.

After courses have been created in Banner, check Yale Course Search (or your school’s registration system) for the course to appear there with the instructor assigned.


The URO and professional school registrars email when their respective course data has been successfully input and loaded into Banner to let the Educational Technology team know that they can enable the course site creation feed for their respective schools.

The URO confirms the creation date for FAS courses (Yale College and GSAS). Professional school registrars confirms the creation date for their respective schools.

See the Course Creation Timeline page for details on requesting courses prior to the full-school creation feed is enabled.

Changes made by a registrar to course offerings and assignments at this point will automatically update in Canvas, however these changes are not processed immediately. You can expect changes made in Banner to appear in Canvas sites between 2-4 hours after an update is made.

The Educational Technology team enable the individual school’s course site feed to start automatically populating and creating sites based on the information input on Banner.

If you have any additional questions about the registrar processes, please contact your school’s / department’s registrar. If you have questions about how Canvas integrates with the Registrar’s systems / processes please email