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Learning Resources

Learning happens inside and outside class. Find support, resources, and peer mentors.

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Learning with Canvas

Canvas is the digital extension of your course where learning happens beyond the walls of the classroom. Canvas can be used by your instructors to provide resources, foster discussion, collect assignments, organize group / peer work, and provide feedback on your learning.

The following resources provide you with how-to articles, support documentation, and recommendations for navigating / using Canvas.

Favorite Courses on your Canvas Dashboard

Organize your Dashboard!

Utilize the ‘Favorites’ function to organize and find all of your courses easily within your Canvas @ Yale Dashboard each semester.

Learn more about Dashboard favorites (link is external)
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Filter the Canvas Courses List

Sort your Courses list.

The Courses list, found in the Global Navigation menu, can be sorted and searched to make it easier to find specific course sites.

Learn more about the Courses list filter (link is external)
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Sign Up Tool

Reserve your time slot!

Use the Sign Up Tool to reserve or release a time slot for an appointment group in Canvas when made available by your instructor.

Learn more about the Sign Up tool (link is external)
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Student Notification Recommendations

Never miss a message or announcement.

Specify your preferred notification cadence at both your Canvas account level as well as at an individual Canvas course level. 

Learn more about notification settings (link is external)
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Course Feedback & Accessibility Barriers Tool

Share anonymous feedback with your instructor.

Submit a comment through the Course Feedback & Accessibility Barriers tool to anonymously share feedback or a barrier to your learning.

Learn more about submitting feedback (link is external)
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