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Canvas is Yale University’s learning management system to support teaching and learning. 

Utilize the following Facilitating & Instruction on Canvas resources to discover tips to streamline course creation, engage students, and leverage Canvas’s robust features for effective teaching. Likewise, explore our Participating & Engaging with Canvas section to find guides on navigating course materials, submitting feedback, and leveraging Canvas for effective learning.

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Facilitating & Instructing on Canvas

  • Course Creation Timing

    Each semester academic Canvas course sites are created once the course data is completed by registrars. 

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  • Course Roles & Permissions

    Canvas @ Yale supports differentiated roles to control access and permissions of users in a course.

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  • Expanded Course Description

    The Expanded Course Description is added to the Syllabus tool in Canvas to facilitate student access to additional information during registration.

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  • Instructional Tools

    Canvas @ Yale supports many external and internal applications that are integrated into Canvas to support and improve teaching and learning.

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  • Non-Academic Course Site Alternatives

    Depending on your needs, there are other solutions that may better suit your situation than using Canvas for a non-academic course site.

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  • Teaching with Canvas

    Canvas lets you manage your course files, communication, and users. Learn more about how to leverage Canvas and your course settings effectively.

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  • Types of Canvas Sites

    Canvas is used for many different programs, events, and purposes at Yale. Learn more about the types of Canvas course sites available.

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Participating & Engaging with Canvas