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Teaching Resources

Learn more about best teaching practices on Canvas and in your classroom.

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Teaching with Canvas

Canvas provides an environment to foster engaging and innovative learning experiences. Instructors have the tools they need to create dynamic courses, facilitate collaboration, and enhance student learning. From interactive multimedia content to seamless communication channels, teaching with Canvas empowers educators to inspire and engage learners on their educational journey.

The following resources provide you with how-to articles, support documentation, and best-practices for configuring and using Canvas in your course.

Course Administration Settings

Take charge of your course!

Publish your Canvas course, edit your course name, how to use Canvas umbrella course sites, and more.

Learn more about administration settings (link is external)
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Managing Course Materials

Share and organize all of your course materials.

Post your syllabus, create navigation links, publish and unpublish content, embedding and importing, using course reserves and more.

Learn more about course materials (link is external)
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Files Management

Quickly upload and link to files in Canvas!

Uploading quotas, bulk upload options, creating folders and best practices for embedding and adding files to your course.

Learn more about files on Canvas (link is external)
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User Management

Control and understand who is in your course.

Adding Yale or non-Yale users to your site, limiting course access, the People and Photo Roster tools, and adding sections to your course can be found in this section. 

Learn more about managing your users (link is external)
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Leverage groups to organize student engagement.

Understanding, creating and assessing group sites within your course.

Learn more about Canvas Groups (link is external)
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Communication & Notifications

Get in touch with your students!

There are many ways to communicate with your students including: announcements, email, and canvas inboxes. 

Learn more about messaging students (link is external)
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Calendars & Scheduling

Let your students know what’s happening.

Canvas can be used to schedule office hours, class events, assignments and more using the Sign Up tool and native Canvas Calendar.

Learn more about scheduling events (link is external)
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Requesting Canvas Project Sites

Get a Canvas sandbox or project site.

Request a non-academic Canvas site for projects or course sandboxes for early semester course building and design. 

Learn more about Canvas Project Sites
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