Course Creation Timing

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The Poorvu Center’s Educational Technology team, who administer Canvas @ Yale, enable the automatic creation of academic Canvas course sites when the University Registrar Office (URO) or Professional School Registrar determines their school / population are done setting up their course offerings and cross-listings.

As a result, all FAS courses are enabled and their Canvas sites get created all at once, while each professional school is enabled individually when they are ready for their Canvas sites to be created.

General Term Timing for Canvas Course Site Creation

Though course site creation for a term varies slightly from year to year, in general, academic course sites for FAS and professional schools are created during the following times.

These creation dates are subject to change.

Term Canvas Courses Created
Fall Term FAS - March
Professional Schools - July
Spring Term October - November
Summer Term February - March

Professional Schools Requesting Canvas Course Sites Early

Professional schools can request for specific course sites to be created ahead of their entire school’s course creation dates to accommodate specific program and curriculum demands.

If a professional school registrar requires specific course sites be created ahead of their full school’s course creation date, please email and include the following:

  • Subject Code (e.g. NURS, LAW, MGT)
  • Course Number (e.g. 550, 641, 860)

The Poorvu Center’s Educational Technology team would appreciate if registrars and senior Canvas admin support members in the professional schools who make these requests would please aggregate and provide a list of the courses that need to be created early in a spreadsheet, rather than communicated in an ad-hoc manner.


Early requests for Canvas course sites cannot be honored for Yale College or Graduate School of Arts and Sciences due to numerous school / department cross-listings.

If any instructor teaching an FAS-listed course (or professional school course) would like to work on their class before official course sites are created for a term, they can complete the Sandbox Course Request form.