Urban Resilience

This online course was taught in collaboration with 100 Resilient Cities & The Rockefeller Foundation. Zoom, a videoconferencing tool, made it possible to incorporate a virtual classroom component.

The course was based on the view articulated by 100RC: urban resilience is the ability of individuals, communities, businesses, institutions, and systems within a city to survive, adapt, and grow in response to acute shocks and chronic stresses.

The consequences of these shocks and stresses can often bring opportunities for cities to evolve and transform.

The purpose of this course was to help students across the Global Network for Advanced Management.


Urban Resilience: Complexity, Collaborative Structures, and Leadership Challenges Course Faculty:

  • Murali Chandrashekaran, Sauder School of Business, UBC;
  • Brad Gentry, Yale School of Management;
  • Sourav Mukherji, Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore;
  • Gordon Abekah Nkrumah, Ghana Business School;
  • Carlos Scheel, EGADE Business School.