Natural Capital: Risks and Opportunities in Global Resource Systems

Professors Gentry and Cort taught this course as part of the Yale School of Management’s Global Network for Advanced Management. This means that the course is taught to students in New Haven – and around the globe – concurrently. The reliance on the Canvas course site as the “central hub” of the course motivated Gentry, Cort, and their instructional teams to create a visually appealing site that is simple to navigate. The course site home page resembles an interactive online textbook, while still maintaining a clear navigational structure for other site materials.

Welcome Page

The “modules” feature in Canvas gives faculty the power to organize their course by week or topic and then include different items associated with the learning goals for that week or topic. Readings, videos, and newly-created pages are just a few of the examples of the item types that can be incorporated into the modules.


The “announcement” feature in Canvas was a useful tool to facilitate communication with approximately 60 students across multiple time zones.


Natural resource constraints affect most, if not all, functional areas of the modern corporation. Many large companies are taking proactive approaches to managing these risks and capturing the opportunities they create. As such, they are increasingly expecting their employees to have a basic familiarity with the environmental and social, as well as economic, megatrends affecting these systems.


  • Bradford S. Gentry; Professor in the Practice, Co-Director of the Center for Business and the Environment at Yale; Director of the Research Program on Private Investment and the Environment;
  • Todd Cort; Lecturer in Sustainability.