Gradescope: How I use it and why I love it

Natalia Cordova Sanchez
Natalia Córdova Sánchez, PhD

Lecturer in Psychology

“Gradescope helps you grade consistently and fairly across students”

At the 2019 Canvas Lightning Talks, Natalia Córdova Sánchez explains the advantages of using Gradescope in her courses. Natalia has used Gradescope for a wide range of class sizes and course formats, as the benefits are far reaching. Natalia has found that by using Gradescope her teaching team has been able to grade more consistently and fairly across students, while also cutting down on grading time significantly. Students have benefitted by receiving quicker feedback on exams. With a more streamlined approach to grading, Natalia describes how you can use Gradescope not only for multiple-choice grading questions, but short-answer responses as well. Natalia goes on to explain how grading can be divided up amongst members of a teaching team, and how you can get a good sense of how students did on each question. Find out why Natalia uses Gradescope in her Canvas Lightning Talk presentation:

Gradescope: How I Use It and Why I Love It