UPDATED: Yale College Fall 21 Course Sites Created in Canvas

March 31, 2021

Fall 2021 Yale College courses are now available in Canvas in preparation for early registration. You can now edit your course site. 

If you do not see your course in Canvas, please contact your departmental registrar to ensure that your course has been offered.


Before the fall early registration period begins, instructors are invited to:

  1. Post your syllabus in the “Syllabus” section
  2. Publish your course site.

After you complete the two steps above, your course syllabus will become available to students in Yale Course Search within 2 hours.**

** NOTE:  Yale Course Search will open on April 1, 2021.

Useful dates:

For full details, please visit the Registration Website Calendar and our Canvas Updates for Fall 2021 help article.

  • March 29 - Fall 2021 Yale College (only) course created in Canvas.
  • April 1 - Students can access all posted syllabi in published Canvas course sites via Yale Course Search.
  • May 3 - Yale College students will be able to register for courses and will appear in the Canvas People Tool for the course. †
  • July TBD - Graduate School and Professional School courses created in Canvas.
  • August TBD - New student registration period and enrolled students can access content and activities in Canvas courses they are enrolled in.

† By default, Yale College students who register for your course during early registration and appear in the People tool of your Canvas course will not have access to course content or activities until August unless course instructors manually allow access by modifying the course dates


FAS Specific Information for Early Registration:

To provide students additional information about your course during the early registration period, an Expanded Course Description template will be available in Yale College courses in Canvas. Per the request of Dean Gendler, Dean Cooley, and Dean Chun the template should be completed to ensure students have access to the information during the early course registration period.

As part of the template, you will also have the option to share a Course Welcome Video. In the absence of a traditional shopping period, a Course Welcome Video provides students an opportunity to hear from you about the class.


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