Instructors and Teaching Fellows

Why isn’t my syllabus in my Canvas course site showing in OCI?

In order for your syllabus to appear in OCI, your course in Canvas must be published. It can also take up to six hours for syllabus to appear in OCI. If you still do not see your syllabus, please email canvas@yale.edu for more assistance. 

I loaded my syllabus in both Classes*v2 and Canvas. I published both courses but decided to stay with Classes*v2. Why is my Canvas syllabus still showing?

If you publish both your Classes*V2 and Canvas sites and upload your syllabus to both sites, OCI will be linked to the Canvas course and syllabus as Canvas overrides Classes*v2 in the Banner system. Please unpublish the course you do not intend on using as you need to use only one platform. 

I need to migrate my Classes*v2 course to Canvas- how do I do this?

Please complete the Course Content Migration form to have your course migrated from Classes*v2 to Canvas. Please allow 3-5 business days for us to honor the request. If you have more than one site to request, please complete this form again. You will receive an email confirmation when complete.

I am a teaching fellow and need to be added to a course. What should I do?

The instructor can add you- please direct them to the how-to guide here: How to Add user with Course Site. If they need assistance, please have them contact canvas@yale.edu.

Can I request more storage space over the default setting?

Yes. By default, you are given 500 MB of space within your Canvas course. For any reason you feel you need more space, please email canvas.yale.edu and we are happy to assist you.

Who do I contact for help with my e-Reserves?

The best contact person would be a reserves librarian. Their contact information can be found here: Reserves Library Guide

I feel like I need more assistance with Canvas training. How can I get more help?

Center for Teaching and Learning has created a help guide that can be beneficial to everyone who needs a little more help with anything in Canvas. You can access these articles here: Help Canvas @ Yale. Consultants are available to meet with you to provide you with additional training or one-on-one training to set up your Canvas @ Yale course. For appointments and information, please schedule your consult. Please also see Training Opportunities for further information on assistance with Canvas @ Yale.

I have a lot of media content to upload into the Media Library. Who do I contact to help with this?

You can email canvas@yale.edu with the subject line “Media Library” for Canvas and classesv2@yale.edu for Classes*v2 Media Gallery questions.

I used a Media Gallery in Classes*v2. Why it is not available in Canvas’ Media Library?

Your Media Gallery will not be automatically populated into Media Library. Please contact canvas@yale.edu with the subject line “Media Library”.

Transition to Canvas @ Yale

Why are we moving to Canvas?

Canvas has successfully supported Yale’s distance and hybrid course offerings since 2014, yet it is a challenge for students and instructors to use Classes*v2 for some courses and Canvas for others. A fall 2015 pilot of Canvas showed a significant majority of instructors and students would prefer to use Canvas over Classes*v2 (Sakai). The University has decided to converge on a single platform for all of our courses. In making this decision, we’re following the lead of many of our peers who have recently adopted Canvas as their campus learning management system: this list includes many of our former partners in the Sakai open-source community, such as Stanford, Michigan, and Indiana.

Can I add unofficial participants to my Canvas site, like I do on Classes*v2?

Yes, you can add non-Yale participants to your Canvas site, as you did in Classes*v2.  Please email canvas@yale.edu to request a user account be created for any non-Yale participants, including their name and email address, and a member of the Canvas Transition Team will assist you.

What type of training and support will be available during the transition to Canvas?

Starting in May 2016, the Center for Teaching & Learning will offer Canvas workshops for instructors, orientations for schools and departments, and one-on-one consultation with faculty who will be moving to Canvas. Online self-help materials will also be available, including a self-paced Canvas orientation course for instructors. We will offer the same level of support that has been offered for Classes*v2, with the addition of 24/7/365 support for instructors through our partnership with Instructure, Canvas’s parent company.

How does Canvas compare to Classes*v2?

Canvas has all of the core functionality found in Classes*v2, but there are some differences in the way that each tool works. Please see the Canvas-Classes*v2 Comparison table on the Canvas Tour page for more information. A working list of known differences in functionality between Classes*v2 and Canvas is located here. If you discover that there are things you cannot do in Canvas, please contact us for a consultation: we may be able to identify new ways of achieving the same goals with Canvas.

Will my Canvas syllabus automatically show up on Online Course Information?

Yes, syllabi posted to Canvas’ Syllabus Tool will automatically show up on Online Course Selection, and in Online Course Information for Fall 2016.  To find out more about how to post your syllabus to Canvas, please see the following article.

How do I copy materials from Classes*v2 “Resources” into Canvas?

The simplest way to copy files from Resources is to use the “Compress to ZIP Archive” option within Classes*v2 Resources. Instructions for creating the zip file are available here: http://help.classesv2.yale.edu/m/instructors/l/351972-how-do-i-create-a-zip-archive-file-in-resources

Once you have a .zip file, you can upload it to the Files area of a Canvas site, or your personal Files area (click your name after logging onto Canvas and you’ll find your personal Files). Uploaded zip files will expand automatically within Canvas, and maintain the original file organization.

I am interested in using Canvas this fall, how do I do this?

Courses will be added to Canvas by request for the Fall 2016 semester.  Please complete the add my course to canvas form and then submit the request a consultation form to meet with support staff who can help you get started!

I have multiple versions of my course saved on Classes*v2, and want to save them all. How should I do this?

Classes*v2 will remain available for several more years, at least, and a formal archival strategy is in development at this time.  If you are concerned about your content in Classes*v2, please contact request a consultation for information and recommendations.

What will happen to all of the video and audio files I uploaded to Classes*v2?

Please request a consultation if you have video and audio files you need transferred from Classes*v2 to Canvas, our Canvas Transition Team will be happy to help transfer this content for you.

Are there classes that should wait until the 2017-18 academic year before moving to Canvas?

For courses with the following characteristics, we’d suggest that you consult with us before moving to Canvas during the first year of the transition (2016-17):

- large courses with section-specific content and file sharing

- courses with online activities involving right-to-left languages (e.g., Arabic, Hebrew)

- courses that require migration of a significant number of assignments or quizzes from Classes*v2

For more information, check out our Planning Your Canvas page.

How will students know where to find their course sites if there are some on Classes*v2 and others on Canvas?

During the fall 2016 - spring 2017 academic year, Canvas is an option for faculty to use instead of Classes*v2, and communication will be critical between faculty and students on where to go for their course sites. Both Classes*v2 and Canvas will automatically populate with your official class roster from Banner, giving students access.  If you are using Canvas, we suggest that you put instructions in the Classes*v2 copy of your course which indicate that your course will be offered in Canvas platform.  If you need assistance with this, please contact canvas@yale.edu.

Will photo rosters be available in Canvas?

Yes: starting in fall 2016, Canvas will provide the same photo roster tool that faculty have been using in Classes*v2.

What about my project sites on Classes*v2?

Project sites on Classes*v2 will remain available for use during the first year of transition to Canvas, while we focus on moving course sites from Classes*v2 to Canvas.  A separate transition project will be required for moving projects sites from Classes*v2. If you have project sites on Classes*v2 critical to your teaching, please request a consultation for information and recommendations.

How long can I retain access to student grades, discussions, etc. in my Classes*v2 sites?

Beginning in summer 2017, no new course sites will be created in Classes*v2, but instructors will retain access to legacy Classes*v2 sites for several more years, while a formal archival strategy is developed.  If you are concerned about your content in Classes*v2, please contact request a consultation for information and recommendations.

Will Classes*v2 material be archived?

Yes. Classes*v2 will remain available for several more years, and a formal archival strategy is in development at this time.  If you are concerned about your content in Classes*v2, please contact request a consultation for a consultation and recommendations.

I have courses on yale.instructure.com or yaleuniversity.instructure.com which will need to be moved. How will this happen?

The Canvas Transition Team has already met with the schools and programs that supported courses on one of the two legacy instances of Canvas, and we are working on a transition plan for moving the sites to http://canvas.yale.edu. Please contact your local Canvas support team member or request a consultation for an updated status of when your course will move.


How do I "shop" a Canvas Course?

NOTE:  School of Management does have a different process for enrolling in their courses.  Please contact the SOM registrar for more information.

1. Search for Courses and View Course Syllabi

Students will need to search for courses using Online Course Selection (OCS) or through the Online Course Information (OCI) and will have access to view course syllabi.

NOTE - If a course does not have a syllabus, it may mean that the instructor has not posted a syllabus or they have not published their course site.

2. Register to Shop the Course

Students will need to add the course to their OCS worksheet.

Once you have added a course to your worksheet, it could take several hours before you are enrolled in the course site.  Course enrollments are process 3 times daily:  10am, 4pm, and 10pm.

When your enrollment is processed, you will be added to the course as a “shopper”.

3. Finalize and Seal Your Worksheet

Once you have made your final course selections for the semester, you will need to seal your OCS worksheet.  

Once you have sealed your worksheet, your enrollment in the courses you have chosen will change from “shopper” to “student”.  For all courses you shopped but decided not to take this semester, you will automatically be un-enrolled.

How do I find my course?

Starting Fall 2016, your professors have the option to use either Classes*v2 or Canvas @ Yale for their courses. This means you may have some courses in each website. Below is how to determine if your course is in Classes*v2 or Canvas@Yale. Please note that it can take up to six (6) hours for registrar data to sync with either website.


You can see which semester it is showing by looking at the tab selected.

1. Make sure you are looking at the correct semester.

2. If you receive this message (or do not see your course listed), then your instructor(s) are using Canvas @ Yale.

Canvas @ Yale:

If you cannot see your courses in Classes*v2 , then you want to log into Canvas @ Yale and see your course there.

1. Click on Courses, then All Courses.

2. Here you can see all the courses that you are enrolled in. If you can click into the course, then it is published and your professor will be using Canvas @ Yale this term.

Note- you can favorite your courses by clicking on the star, which will make the courses appear on your dashboard.

**If you are not able to click into your course on either website, please reach out to your professor to see if they have published a course. **

I am part of a Professional School- who do I contact?
Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
If you are looking for support for a Forestry and Environmental Studies course, please contact Jordanna Packtor at 203-436-5403 or jordanna.packtor@yale.edu.
Yale School of Management
If you are looking for support for a School of Management course, please contact SOM IT Helpdesk at somit@yale.edu.
Yale School of Nursing
If you are looking for support for a Yale School of Nursing course, please contact Ekaterina Ginzburg at Ekaterina.ginzburg@yale.edu, or Office Extension #32204.
I have a NetID- why is Canvas not recognizing my account?
If you do have a Canvas account and you receive an “Account Information Not Recognized” error, you may have one of two issues:  
Browser Issues
Please try doing the following:
Clear your browser’s cache
Close your browser
Reopen your browser
Go to http://canvas.yale.edu and click the “NetID” login option.
Enter your Yale NetID and password.
Accessing the Wrong Canvas Instance
Yale currently supports 3 separate instances of Canvas.  Please make sure that you are logging into the correct one.
http://canvas.yale.edu –>  This instance is used for the vast majority of Canvas courses.
http://yaleuniversity.instructure.com –>  This instance is for only School of Nursing DNP Classes of 2017 and 2018
http://yalebulldogs.instructure.com –> This instance is for special programs 


I accidentally entered the wrong NetID password several times.
If you enter the wrong password for your account too many times, your account can be “locked”.  To unlock your account, you will need to contact the ITS Help Desk:
ITS Help Desk Phone:  203-432-9000
ITS Help Desk Email:  helpdesk@yale.edu
What is my password?

When you log into Canvas, you will use your Yale NetID and password.  This is the same login information that you use to access your Yale email.

I forgot my NetID password
To reset your password, you will need to contact the ITS Help Desk:
ITS Help Desk Phone:  203-432-9000
ITS Help Desk Email:  helpdesk@yale.edu